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Hello :) My name is Fakhruddin Abdi.
I am a developer based in Sanandaj, Iran.

I have been using Ubuntu for a quite some time. Because i believe terminal can save a lot of time :). Now Im coding and working on macOS.
Started programming with C language. The root of most modern languages.
Then started learning object-oriented version of C, which is C++.

I was really impressed with concept of OOP and how it can turn your code into a living character. In the last two years of my university season, i started website developing. My first website was made with html and jquery and bootstrap. Learning from W3Schools :). I slowly started to like functional programming. No need to spent much time to shape your object. Just define your pure function and go ahead :D. I browsed simple themes on internet and started recreating them. If I ever got stuck at something I would simply state my problem on forums to understand what I am doing wrong. I started getting doing websites for my friends for really cheap or for local charities and NGOs for either cheap or free.

Then spent a short time on .NET options like C# and WPF using MVVM architecture ( less than a year). In the mean time i was developing with PHP and Laravel and Drupal CMS using MVC architecture ( more than a year).

Like many others, i quickly started to hate microsof technologies.

And finally i have started conding in new Javascript frameworks like Angualr and now ReactJS . Learning from FreeCodeCamp, Udacity and Mozila.

Now i believe javascript is the most successful language and ReactJS framework with its Redux/Flux architecture is a revolution in the programming world. So i will continue coding with javascript :).



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