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Harzaan is a classified ads for Iraq/ Kurdistan.

Harzaan is a Kurdish classified ads web appliction with a differnt categories. The service is fully searchable and created with ReactJs, React Native, Firebase.

The target market is Iraq, but we started it with Kurdish language in Kurdistan then we want to expaned it to other cities of Iraq.

Founded and developed by Bawersystem in 2016 and launched at March 2017.

Right now its among the top classified ads services in Iraq and many people is using it daily for their needs.


Harzaan website

The website has been made by Nextjs. Its CEO-optimized, full responsive with a in-house designed UI/UX

The post loading is optimized to be as fast as possible with less than 100K page size. All application features are implemented in the website as well.

Harzaan Apps

Our main platform is the applications The apps are available in the two versions.

  1. Android App
  2. Appstore App

We used React Native for coding and we do release new versions monthly. The deployment flow is fully automted thanks to Fastlane

Harzaan Blog

Our blog website is a house of our learning resource, new updates and our contents. It has been made by wordpress but we a lot of work to follow our brand book design

Harzaan data warehouse

Every user actions are logged as an event with a full details. We use those events to create reports by Google bigquery and Google studio. This process enable us to create different reports for:

  1. Number of posts and post views
  2. Post reactions including calling, chatting and …
  3. Active users and new users with a lot of filters ( platform, city, gender, …)
  4. Vip posts
  5. Posts per categories
  6. ….


Tech stack:


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