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Throughout my twelve-year career in development, I’ve had the opportunity to work on numerous projects. While some of these were undertaken in conjunction with third-party companies or utilized pre-existing frameworks, others were unfortunately never published by the clients.

Below, you’ll find a curated selection of these projects, each accompanied by a concise description for your reference.



  1. Asankar is a smart logistic application for Iraq market
  2. The services include taxi, lurry, motorcycle delivery
  3. Im working as a team coordinator in the project
  4. Most of the development works and startegy has been done by a thirdpary company

2.Deng news

  1. The project aimed to be among the top news agency in the region
  2. We developed the website from scratch using Drupal
  3. It was fully dynamic and all pages built up with reusable components thanks to drupal different content types and tagging

3.University management system

  1. We developed university management system two times, but both project stopped before lunching
    1. Knowledge university
    2. Charmoo university
  2. The client needs a system to publish different contents on their website and manage different departments in the university
  3. The result should be a smart and dynamic and flexible
  4. We choosed drupal as over 80% of the university website already built up with drupal
  5. We did many research and put many efforts into building a good structure and linking content types and taxonomies together


  1. I managed a project for a client who was a market leader in the Kurdistan region for IPTV devices
  2. We developed a custom android application
    1. The app includes different categories (Movie, Series, …)
    2. Supports all major video format
    3. Record live tv
    4. Bookmark
    5. Custom player and supporr popular players
    6. Code based user account and expiration system
    7. Application configuration to switch between different protocols and adjusting player options


  1. It was and android application which links to different devices and manage the complete sales process from inventory management to actual sales
  2. The application with user friendly with a quick and easy access to the different parts

6.Cement power database

I built the database using zoho creator / delug scriptting Currently the client manage monthly more than $200K sales with the system

  1. Support multiople roles and permissions
  2. Multi language support
  3. Handle all sales and purchases
  4. Generate report and data visualization by different chart types
  5. Smart search to find a customer account
  6. Send report to admin
  7. Generate monstly , weekly and yearly report
  8. Manage the current fund of the company
  9. And many other custom features

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