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As a softcode team, we started working on a new project called NDB with Balla Group client. NDB is a payment solution for Iraqi businesses, giving them the ability to accept payments from their customers. Its aims to provide a secure and reliable payment solution for the region.

The project is a startup and I was the lead developer and project manager. Its a full stack project, from the mobile application to the backend and admin panel. Let’s explore the different parts of the project.

Mobile application

The mobile application is developed by React Native, and it’s available for both iOS and Android.

System architecture and design

The main challenge was to design a system that is scalable and reliable. We started with an initial design and architecture, and then we iterated over the design multiple times to make sure its scalable and reliable. It took us a lot of time to design the system, but it was worth it.

But changing the database schema was a bit challenging, as we had to update the api and mobile application to reflect the changes. To overcome this challenge, we need an API that is dynamic and adaptable to future changes. In the next section, we will explore the API development and design.

API Development

Our backend is designed with a focus on data management and monitoring. We’ve established a logical layer over the static schema and types, making it dynamic and adaptable for future changes. This layer utilizes JavaScript objects and generator functions to define the schema and types, simplifying updates and maintenance.

Separation of concerns

Each part of the system is separated into different modules, making it easy to maintain and update. We’ve also implemented a strict separation of concerns, ensuring that each module is responsible for a specific task. For example, our identity module is plugged into the authentication middleware, which is responsible for authenticating the user. The identity module is also responsible for managing the user’s profile and permissions. If we need to change the identity provider, we can simply update the identity module without affecting other parts of the system.

Security and stability

The project is designed with security and stability in mind. We’ve implemented various security measures such as query control, authentication, and authorization to protect the system from potential threats. We did a lot of research and testing to

Development and Deployment

For the development and deployment, we leverage the power of github and github actions. Using different environments for the development, and production, we can easily test and deploy the changes to the different environments.


For the testing, we used jest and end to end testing strategy. The end to end testing, help us to test the whole system, from the mobile application to the backend and admin panel.

Multiple payment providers

The project supports multiple payment providers, like FIB, ZainCash, and more. The feature implementation was a bit challenging, in term of the different APIs and documentations. We created a unified API for the payment providers, which make it easy to add new providers in the future.


Tech stack


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