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Zeyton was a social knowledge platform which targeted the Middle East audience. The idea was brilliant and the project scale was very large. At 2013, i meet a very random guy, who offered me to work as a first developer on the project: A new search engine :|. I accepted and started managing the project by outsourcing the website to a drupal developer and i focused on the research about how made a search engine. I took the project seriously and did many researchs and developments to make it happen. I remember i downloaded and printed many articles about search engines and how google made up and how it scale.

After a year full time working, i successfully manage the website interface and I used a proxy server to distpatch the request to multiple search engines like google and bings. But later i came across freebase, a non-commercial database which later acquired by google and shut down the project. I downloaded the whole 20G database and explored it and tried to re-build it on a graph database. It was really interesting, and very challenging. But it was very hard to re-build on a production database, so we stopped there and started loooking for an investment.

Newroztelecom agreed to invest on the project as series A for $5M. The company size was about 20 employees with a dedicated office and multiple departments


We started building the team and the company from scratch, by hiring from multiple countries with both full time and remote working. The exprinece was great and during the total four years being on the project, we did:

  1. Creating a social knowledge system with everyone can add a new post and assign multiple tags which will link to our graph database
  2. Building a smart search suggestion with more than 100M topics we already had on the database
  3. Menu topics:
    1. People
    2. Search
    3. Knowledge
    4. Photos
    5. Videos
    6. News
  4. Rebuilding the entire freebase database with Blazegraph technology
  5. Creating a translation management system to manage translation flows for topics loccalizations
  6. Build a cross-platform voice over IP and instant messaging software application

Main features

Tech stack

Unfortunately, the project stopped right before lunching because of the management.

Screen shots

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