Greetings! My name is Fakhruddin Abdi.
I consider myself as a full stack developer with prior experience managing projects as a CEO and CTO.

Allow me to share my journey with you.

Year 2000: The Beginning

In the year 2000, my tryst with computers began,
At first, it was more about gaming and exploring new photo and video editing tools bundled with the latest Microsoft Windows series, rather than coding.

University Journey - 2008

Entering university as a software engineering student marked a new chapter in my life.I found myself engrossed in three distinct disciplines:

  1. Programming languages including C, C++, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP.
  2. Networking.
  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI).

My coding journey started with C and C++, where I was fascinated by the concept of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and how it imbued codes with a lifelike persona.

I conceived a compression idea remarkably similar to Pied Piper from the Silicon Valley series.

I publicly presented it, and posted on our blog.
The compression algorithm was lossless, employing the Huffman algorithm at the byte level of files. I even developed a working application using C++, although occasionally, it paradoxically enlarged the files. :)

During my time at the university, I also developed a keen interest in Network science.
I relished testing and simulating networks using Cisco Packet Tracer, which deepened my understanding of network protocols and their interactions. My final project revolved around network packet monitoring using Wireshark.

My fascination also extended to Artificial Intelligence (AI). I developed a Matlab application that trained a model to recognize flower names.

During the last two years of my university tenure, I shifted my focus towards web development. I even conducted a course for new students, imparting web development skills. My early projects were built with HTML, jQuery, and Bootstrap. However, I soon transitioned to HTML5, Javascript, and CSS/SCSS.

While I was exploring front-end development, I also ventured into the back-end realm with PHP. This was my first encounter with language frameworks that could enhance pure languages.
After experimenting with Symfony, Cake, and Laravel, I ultimately chose Laravel for its user-friendly code structure and MVC design framework. The concept of system decoupling into three distinct parts was a revelation to me.

Post University - 2012

Upon graduation, I swiftly transitioned into my first job at a construction company in Sanandaj. As a developer, I worked on a C# project.
This allowed me a brief exposure to Microsoft languages like C# and WPF using the MVVM architecture (less than a year).

However, like many developers, I found Microsoft technologies somewhat restrictive.

Soon, I discovered a passion for front-end development. And thus, I embarked on a journey with new JavaScript frameworks like Angular, and later, ReactJS, learning from resources like FreeCodeCamp, Udacity, and Mozilla. I initially started with Angular 1. Its MVC design framework was familiar territory, but I couldn’t resonate fully with the framework.

Then, in 2014, I encountered React, just a year after it was open-sourced.
Functional programming began to appeal to me. The lack of the need to meticulously structure your objects, the simplicity of defining pure functions, and moving forward was an appealing concept.

Zeyton - 2013

In 2013, I joined the Zeyton project as a developer and quickly transitioned to co-founder and CTO. Our venture secured significant investment.

We relocated to Erbil, where we started from ground zero.

I took the reins of building a technical team and charted out the strategies from tech stack selection to release schedules and plans.

In the beginning, our team was a compact unit.

However, it didn't take long for us to expand and welcome more members into our growing team.

I had the privilege of working with numerous remarkable companies as a third-party, including Blazegraph, who assisted us in loading freebase data onto their graph database. Undoubtedly, it was an enriching experience.

We successfully built the first version and showcased it to our stakeholders.

However, just when we were on the cusp of launching and close to the first release, the management board decided to transition the project to different hands, which unfortunately led to its eventual discontinuation.

Softcode - 2016

Post Zeyton, Dr Layik (our project manager at Zeyton) and I co-founded Softcode, enabling us to focus on developing our own projects.

Our maiden project was a social platform akin to Instagram, with the unique spin of emphasizing topics over friendship networks.
We christened it Fotomantic (although we had a soft spot for the domain “photograph”, which was unfortunately taken already).

We developed an MVP using Firebase and Zeyton’s graph database. The outcome was encouraging. However, we soon realized the challenge of sustaining the project within our financial means.

Subsequently, we pivoted to another project, settling on Hotorder.
Hotorder is a multi-shop, white-label food delivery platform that doesn’t record history. Our target audience was the UK market. We utilized Meteor and ReactJS to develop the project, and within two months, we rolled out the first version. We managed to integrate it with several restaurants, but due to financial constraints, we were unable to sustain the projects. Hence, we transitioned to client projects under the Softcode brand.

Harzaan - The New Beginnings in 2017

I didn't give up with startups, I ventured into a new project - Harzaan .
Harzaan is a platform for classified ads for Iraq market.

I assembled a team in Iran and launched Harzaan as a classified ads service for the users in Iraq.

We built and released the first version in 2017. The response was overwhelming, with numerous people posting their ads on Harzaan. In the first month alone, we saw over 5K downloads. This rapid growth persisted, and we hit 50K downloads in the next six months. Daily ad postings reached about 200 per day.

Our application to the Science and Technology Park Of Kurdistan was accepted and they supported us with office space and mentorship.

At this stage, I started seeking investors to finance our advertising efforts and expand our full-time team.

After negotiations with several potential partners, we reached an agreement with Box Advertisement.

For the initial two years, I worked out of our Iran office, managing the teams. Later, I relocated to Erbil to gain a deeper understanding of the market.

Then came the COVID-19 pandemic…

I had to return to Iran, but six months later, I moved back to Sulaymaniyah, where I currently reside, serving as the CEO/CTO of Harzaan. For the past four years, my entire focus has been on establishing Harzaan as a market leader in Iraq, Insha’allah.

That’s a good start! Here’s how you could enhance the section:

Box Advertising - Development Manager

While driving Harzaan's growth, I also envisioned and realized the creation of a dedicated software development arm within our partner company, Box Advertising. Thus, Box Development was born.

Assembled from the ground up, this team became an incubator for learning, collaboration, and innovation. Here, we honed our skills in a multitude of domains, from Drupal and WordPress to custom solutions and Odoo databases.

Our work at Box Development over the next three years revolved significantly around Odoo ERP solutions, a robust platform that our clients found invaluable. Our key goal was to create and maintain a set of efficient and practical tools that would address the unique business needs of each client.

A significant achievement in this endeavor was the development of four custom products on Odoo 14 Community. We deftly navigated through Odoo’s inherently complex building, deployment, and updating processes, ultimately automating them for ease of use.

Our product portfolio includes:

  1. Box City: This is a comprehensive city management system designed to streamline the process of selling apartments. It handles everything from different payment plans and installments to complete accounting management.

  2. Box Clinic: A versatile solution, Box Clinic aids in managing every aspect of clinic operations, from patient registration to visit management, and beyond.

  3. Box Post: This state-of-the-art shipment system manages the end-to-end process of sending posts from Kurdistan to Europe and vice versa. It efficiently handles package receipt, delivery, and tracking, ensuring a smooth and reliable postal service.

  4. Box Company: Our most comprehensive solution to date, Box Company is designed to manage every facet of a business. This encompasses everything from Human Resources (HR) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to Marketing, Accounting, and more. It is a one-stop solution that caters to the diverse, interconnected needs of modern businesses. Our aim with Box Company is to deliver an integrated platform that drives operational efficiency and enhances business outcomes.

These solutions, embodying our unwavering dedication to quality and innovation, have been instrumental in driving digital transformation for our clients in a variety of sectors.

And that sums up my professional journey thus far.

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